22 Most Inspiring Facebook Pages


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Sheila Burke – formerly ZenSational Living

There is no shortage of inspirational fan pages on Facebook, but I’ve selected 22 of them which display a unique flavor, original posters, and beautiful thoughts.

I love these pages because they also operate with love and integrity.  There are so many more but this is a short list for now.  If you have favorites, please leave a note in the comments.

Sheila (from Sheila Burke, formerly ZenSational Living) sheilamburke.com


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Precious World

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Lynda Field Life Coach

fb 20 16

Simple Steps Real Change

fb 20 14

3-Word Wisdom

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Incredible Joy

fb 20 18

Bedeempled Brain

fb 20 19

Living Life

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Ripple Kindness Proj

fb 20 9

Live Life Positively

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Spiritual Quotes Meditations

fb 20 7

The Birth of Humanity

fb 20 10

Flowing With Change

fb 20 6

The Burned Hand

fb 20 3

Sharing With Shari

fb 20 4

Awakening People

fb 20 5

Eleanor Brownn with 2 N’s

fb 20 1

Circles of Inspiration

fb 20 2

Soul Speaking

fb 20 13

Life’s Cheerleader

fb 20 21

WOW Words of Wisdom

fb 20 15

Random Thoughts

fb 20 22

Jennifer Pastiloff

17 thoughts on “22 Most Inspiring Facebook Pages”

  1. I really enjoy Bedeempled Brain… an inspiring site… always positive and fun ! I will definitely try some of these on your list ! Thank you !

  2. Wow! Thank you Sheila! I just went through all of these beautiful and inspirational pages ~ most of them, I had already “Liked”… but TY for introducing me to the others! Beautiful!!!!! Cheryl Ouellet

  3. Good job ! There are definitely many informative, inspiring and unique pages to choose from. I recently started my own page and hope people will garner some inspiration from it as well. Many blessings.

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