3 Quick Tips for Detoxing

If you do not eat well and exercise as part of your way of life, you may want to think about starting.   At the very least you should cleanse your body a couple times a year.  You Spring and Fall clean your house…why not Spring and Fall cleanse your body?   Maybe, just maybe you’ll feel so much better that you’ll start watching what you buy, what you eat and become healthy year round!

eat-321671_1280So to get started you have to learn or do a few things:

Exercise daily. Whether it’s a brisk walk, a jog, yoga, stretching, a game of basketball…do SOMETHING.  You need fresh air daily!  Whether you open up a few windows or doors (yes, even in the winter) for a short time daily…or you get that wonderful fresh air while you exercise…you NEED fresh air daily.  Airing out your home daily can also reduce stagnant stale air harboring germs.

Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.  Water is a natural detoxifier and will not only hydrate every cell in your body, it will flush out impurities.

Eat to reduce toxins:

Eliminate all junk food including soda and other sugar drinks.  Eliminate alcohol and smoking.

Your body needs a good balance of the right nutrients every day.  Make sure you include whole grains, beans, rice, fruits and vegetables (preferably organic).  Fruits and veggies are very high in fiber.  Fruits should be eaten in the morning.  Pears and apples are wonderful in cleansing.   Just like the old saying goes:  An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Vegetables are wonderful because they help your body to produce enzymes which in turn will help to push out that build up of toxins throughout your body.

fried foods, red meat or anything that is processed.  No refined sugars!  And try to avoid dairy products.  Pasteurization is actually not really healthy.  So for just a couple days while you’re detoxing, use rice or almond milk as a replacement for regular milk.  No cheese, yogurt, etc.

Eliminate trans-fats.  Read labels. Legally a company can label a product as ‘zero trans fats’ when in fact they are allowed by law to have .499 grams of trans-fat per serving in the product.  If the label includes the word ‘hydrogenated’ in it…just pass it by.

What is a trans-fat?
They are chemically altered oils/fats.  What are the alternatives to trans-fats? Get your fats from nuts, seeds, olive oil, avocados.  If you look at a label and you cannot pronounce ingredients or they sound like a chemical…put the product down.

Not only during times of cleansing but all year long you should be eating foods high in calcium and magnesium.  Two very important things to eat naturally and maintain a healthy system.  These also will help clean out your colon and help your bowels expel all that nasty stuff up in there.

Foods high in calcium (but not dairy) include:

* Spinach
* Broccoli
* Okra
* Cabbage
* Almonds
* Kale
* Beet Greens
* Turnip Greens
* Sunflower Seeds
* Sesame Seeds
* Oranges
* Watercress

High in Magnesium (but not dairy):

* Spinach
* Parsley
* Artichokes
* Banana
* Coconut
* Walnuts
* Cashews
* Pine nuts
* Almonds
* Corn
* Sunflower Seeds
* Barley
* Buckwheat
* Oat bran
* Wheat Flour
* Prune juice
* Beans
* Pumpkin & Pumpkin Seeds
* Spinach
* Squash
* Potatoes with the skin!
* Tomato paste

Eat a healthy balance of foods rich in calcium and magnesium.  Don’t just eat calcium rich and don’t just eat magnesium rich foods.   Too much calcium can deplete magnesium so eat a good balance.

Take a multi-vitamin and make sure you ingest a good amount of Vitamin C!  Vitamin C helps to repair your tissue and also helps the body form collagen and reduces an inf lammed colon.

Chew your food well rather than gobbling it up fast.  Don’t eat a heavy meal before bed.  Try this for a week and see if you feel generally ‘better’.  See how your skin clears, your bowels work better, you’re more rested and have an over all feeling of wellness.   Happy detox!

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