5 Must See and Do Adventures on the Outskirts of Negril, Jamaica

I love Jamaica, specifically Negril, and there is a ton of things to keep you busy there.  I also LOVE to see and experience life outside the resort area.  Go off the beaten path and take a day trip or two to experience the culture – head for the outskirts!

There are plenty of little bars, restaurants, and things to do and see outside of the major tourist areas.  Close to Negril (about 30 minutes by taxi) you’ll find Little Bay and Little London.  In the mountains you’ll find a sweet little self-sustaining resort called Zimbali Retreat and drive a bit further along and you’ll get to Pelican Bay.

1.)  Reggae Horseback Riding.  I’ll tell you this is a fabulous experience and cheaper than other riding tours.  Your guide will give you comfort as you ride if you are inexperienced, as well as a history lesson on the different foliage and history of the area.  The ride is about a mile + through the land and then you come through a clearing and are on the beach.  It’s simply spectacular and they really take their time with you to make sure you enjoy this unique experience.  Visit their website HERE. 1 Bay Road, Little London 1 876-881-6917
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2.)  Little Marie’s Bar in Little Bay.  Ahhhh YaMon, you MUST stop by and have a drink at Little Marie’s Bar, roadside in the little fishing village of Little Bay.  Sit and watch the fisherman, old boats swaying in the waves, or you might spot a cow right there on the beach.  Serene and quiet – the perfect little stop off!

3.)  Pelican Bar.  From Negril, the Pelican Bar is really a day trip in it’s own.  Located about 1.5 hrs from Negril it’s one place you’ll not want to miss.  Take a quick boat ride out into the bay and rest a spell on an old wooden dock or at the tiny bar – the Pelican Bar.  Wear your swim suit as there is nowhere to change.  You can take a dip – the crystal blue water is about waist high.  Watch the boat drivers fish on the reef as they wait for you to relax a bit before returning you to shore.

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4.)  Negril Hills Golf Course.  A reasonably priced golf course located on the outskirts of Negril.  VERY HILLY so be ready to be challenged – says my almost scratch golfer husband!  Bring your own clubs – it’s way cheaper to pay the extra baggage fee then to rent a set of clubs for the day.  Reserve an early tee time as it gets very hot, very early in the day.

5.)  Zimbali Retreat.  Known for being a self-sustaining resort (they grow what they eat), the accommodations are very clean and beautiful, the scenery is so beautiful and quiet, and they have a lovely bar and restaurant with elegant cuisine.   Nestled in the mountains, a short ride from Little London through the sugar cane fields- you’ll find serenity at Zimbali Retreats!
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