About The Author
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My name is Sheila Burke. I was born in 1965 and have lived in Ohio my whole life. My husband Shane and I have raised three amazing children. We’ve been happily married and chasing dreams since 1989.

I am a lover of life.  Mostly the really ordinary stuff.  You see, I’ve learned over the years to enjoy and appreciate just about everything around me, and pay attention to the simple things.  This mindset has been beneficial in many ways and it actually helps me to deal with troubling times because I’ve learned that by seeking the simple joys, the little happy bits of life, I can go within and find inner peace whenever I need it.  I have been on a journey of self discovery for many years. I have an open mind, love to read, and enjoy learning though a variety of subjects.

My writing has been featured in Amazon Best Sellers and also in USA Today Best Selling books.  My book Chorus of Souls reached #1 in Amazon Kindle Books.  Booyah! Spirit reached #2.  Both are available in paperback and Kindle versions.

ZEN-SATIONAL LIVING is my first book and was a long time in the making. It is not my own personal story, but rather a road map for others starting out on their own personal journey of self-discovery. BOOYAH! SPIRIT, my second book, is a wonderful mix of ancient ideas, modern experiments, how-to’s, personal life lessons, quotes, and my own photography. The reader will find 52 ingredients for a healthy soul.  My latest book is more of a guide for healing, happiness and harmony, it is titled CHORUS OF SOULS.

My journey of self discovery started after getting over the hurdle of raising teenagers without losing all of my marbles. Learning how to live a life where stress takes a backseat and love rides shotgun is reflected in my writing.

Although I freely admit to losing my Zen now and then, I am pleased to share my life’s journey with my readers, and I have done so in the many titles I have released over the years, on my blog, and through social media. I have also designed journals to aid those in recording their own journey.

Books: Sheila on Amazon

Chorus of Souls
Zen-Sational Living: A Simple Guide to Finding Your True Self and Maintaining Balance
Booyah! Spirit: 52 Ingredients For A Healthy Soul. Suffering Is Optional
Circle of Soul: at the end, we begin again
Whispers of The Soul
150 Ways to Get Your Zen On: Book 1- Finding Your Happy Place

Blank Journals I have designed:
Reflections: A Line A Day. My Five Year Journal
Milestones & Memories: A Mother’s Journey: Her Five Year Journal
Milestones & Memories: A Father’s Journey: His Five Year Journal

My Photos

I have always loved to take photos.  I have thousands of them.  As part of the inspirational Facebook community, I create a lot of original posters to inspire.  I create most of them on my own photos so when you see my work it is almost always completely unique and original.