Causes Near to Our Hearts

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My husband Shane and I are very excited to help those who are struggling to help themselves.  We make a yearly trip to Negril, Jamaica and we love to support the locals by purchasing their handcrafted goods and food, but one thing we absolutely do is to make room in our hearts – and our luggage – by donating to the local children down there.  The need is great and every little bit helps!

Bunch of Stars Preschool – Jamaica

We started this campaign in 2014 as a way to raise awareness and funds to send needy children to school.  We all understand how important education is – and everyone has an innate right to receive it.  This gofundme was created to raise funds for tuition and supplies.  We are restarting this fundraiser now for the 2017 season.










Blessing Bags

In 2016 we made blessing bags for needy adults in Jamaica.  Read more on Being Better Humans












When traveling to a needy area, pack some school supplies for the children and donate them to a local school.  Ask your hotel if there are any programs in place to receive donations or just visit a school on your own.  N.E.E.T. is a program that was put in place by our hotel in Negril Jamaica.  Traveller’s Resort in Negril is a BIG supporter of local children.  We proudly support N.E.E.T.