Put Your Better Judgement Aside – Eat Roadside!

When visiting Jamaica, plan on spending lots of time visiting roadside eateries! Rather than always eating at a sit down restaurant, go out of your comfort zone and patronize the little guys! They have great (GREAT!) home cooked food and good portions. Cooked fresh and local, it’s the true experience of spending time in Jamaica and should not be passed by. Sure, some of the places look a bit risky to the tummy – and a lot unsanitary – and I say that with love mon, but you will be SO HAPPY you took the risk and stopped in! This is one of those times in life when you should put your better judgement aside and go for it!

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You will get the authentic experience, and meet some really incredible souls at these places! People who are just trying to make a living in a very, very tough place. Take the time to chat with those at the shops and learn their story. I promise you’ll walk away with a full belly at a great price, and a beautiful sense that you have just met someone special.

Taking the time to interact with those different than yourself is truly a life changing experience.