Admin Rx

Admin Rx  

The solution for business owners creating their image strategically, branding their product and getting sales though the free platform of Facebook.

As an Entrepreneur and expert in my field, I was very frustrated with my ‘all alone out in the cold’ feeling on Facebook. How did I turn that around and create several very successful FB pages? With over One Billion Active Users, and a FREE PLACE to advertise, I figured it out…

I know what it’s like to have a great product, start a FB page and watch it just sit there – with little interaction and no sales. There are a few things that cause this “page sickness”:
1.) No or improper networking (not reaching your target audience… or ANY audience)
2.) Quality of content (too much, too little, all business posts – like a used car salesman)
3.) Images (all business products no fun. Poor quality not eye catching.)
4.) No interaction between page owners and fans of the page

With Admin Rx, you will join a private group comprised of other page owners interested in creating a positive interaction on their page and I will meet with you online in the group twice weekly for 30 minutes each day. I will look at your page, how you are adminning it, what you are posting, etc. and I will instruct you on what it is you need to do to fix what is ailing your business on FB.    This will be one on one within a group setting so that everyone will benefit from the questions of others.

As someone who remained at 750 likes for two YEARS on my page, I am now well over 160,000 with a great reach and good talking about numbers. Why? Because I invested myself in learning HOW to successfully run a page and grow my business. I learned the importance of networking through content. I learned that selling my product was a result of selling my personality, myself, and creating a fan base that came to my page because they liked the posters I created, it gave them something they could resonate with in their own life. I created a space where they love to visit; a space that makes them happy and is interesting.

You can take a look at any number of FB pages out there who sell a product whether it be jewelry or candles or clothing. What do they ALL have in common as successful sites? None of them are hard sells pushing only their product. They are instead giving their readers a reason to come to their page by creating and sharing inspiration, humor, and love. Think about it… when you see a poster online that resonates with you – you visit that site. You click on it and go there. You share it to others (hmmmm, my friend so-in-so has been feeling down – I think this poster will make her smile – and you share it.) It’s because it’s a quality, inspiring poster! No one sees a poster of a product, clicks on it and shares it unless they are at that very moment in the market for that specific product – and willing to buy from a company they’ve never heard of!

With all that in mind – when you put out quality images on your business site, it draws people in. They look around, they get to know you, and they develop a relationship with you/your page and you will sell!  Facebook is a FREE platform to use, let me help you with the techniques to make you REAL to people.

$149.95 / month
$ 29.95 / week thereafter as maintenance (only if YOU feel you need it!)
All payments are handled through Paypal, a secure environment.  No Paypal account needed, credit cards accepted through the Paypal server.  No strings, no automatic billing!


Admin Rx

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