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You have reached this page because when you envisioned selling your product on Facebook, you thought it would be a piece of cake.  What happened is – you are hearing crickets because although your virtual door is open – not a soul is walking in.

Great quality images are the life’s breath of your Facebook page.  Whether you are selling a product, a course, photos, or your knowledge you cannot live on Facebook without posters!  People (potential customers and clients) are savvy and rightly so!  If I want a new bag or some cute baby clothes, fabulous soap, or a new book – I can run to the mall and get those.   Why would I purchase from a business online, that I haven’t heard of?  I don’t know what kind of people create these products.  Why would I invest in a coaching service or your knowledge if I know nothing at all about you?  My money is important and I spend it wisely!  If I see a photo from your Facebook page appear in my feed, why would I click on it?  Unless I am in the market for that specific item at that specific time, I’m not clicking.  And why on earth would I go to a Facebook page that is strictly pushing a product?  It’s one thing to see ads from well known, national brands, but it’s a different ball game with small businesses.

Customers do not want to be bombarded with advertisements for your product as soon as they visit your page.  They want a light, comforting environment.  They want to meet the person behind the product!  If they find YOU interesting, they are more likely to find your product interesting.  You are not only selling your product – you are in fact selling yourself!  

Every successful business page has one thing in common – great quality posters.  Posters with inspiring quotes, humorous sayings, or words about every day life.  They are beautiful and soothing.  They pertain to situations and circumstances in everyone’s life.  Words which resonate with people.  Images they relate to, images that relate to their situations or the situations of family or friends.  Images they will share time and time again!

With that in mind, consider the cost of ONE Facebook ad (which doesn’t even hit your target audience!) – what do you spend on one ad – $50?  $100?  One ad that runs one time!  How are those sales for you?

Now consider Posters on Facebook… posters that can be re-used month to month for all time.  What if you posted 2 original and unique posters a DAY?  Imagine each poster hits your intended audience, that audience shares with other pages – who share with their fans, and those fans share with their friends!  Finally you have people running through your virtual doors!  Here they get to know you, your message, and your product.
This is a proven method!

For $99/week (14 posters total) or $339 /month (60 posters total) I will create your posters tailored for you and your page will finally BLOSSOM into what you had intended it to be in your initial vision.

Image Creation Package

Your message is not merely your product!  Your message is who YOU are, what you stand for, and what you believe in!

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