How to Exercise Your Brain

Did you know that brain function actually declines around the age of 30?  And that women who give birth experience with further decline after every birth of a child?  What can you do to help your outcome?

Games that help your mind (Chess, Scrabble, Brain Teaser puzzles, Crosswords) are all a wonderful exercise for your brain.

Memorize!   I had a teacher in the 6th grade that used to make us memorize looooong poems.  The Charge of the Light Brigade stands out in my mind.   But the skills built as part of memorizing worked toward our everyday classroom work by helping to strengthen our brains.  So memorize!  Whether it’s poems, a shopping list, a song – memorize something.

Switch hands!   It might sound strange but think of it this way:  You are so used to using one hand.   Your dominant hand.   You write with it, eat with it, brush your teeth with it, wave with it.  Everything with one hand.   Well, did you know that just by using your other hand now and then, you can increase the flow of blood to your brain and stimulate the production of learning pathways.  So the next time you’re playing racquetball or baseball try using your ‘other’ hand!  It might look and feel silly but the benefits will be beautiful on your brain.   How about trying to throw a ball through a tire or hoop with your less dominant hand?

Go somewhere!  Check out some place new.  Whether it’s near or far, by plane or car.  Go and see something new.  Learn about that place.  Read up on it’s history.   It’s all great for your brain!

Do something out of the ordinary.   Switch chores with someone.   If you normally do the dishes and dust and your husband normally takes out the garbage and cuts the lawn….switch for a month.   This helps your brain learn something new and increases your brain function.

Eat fruit!  Did you know that if you eat fruit before a test or before trying to solve something like a puzzle, that you’ll actually stimulate your brain to be more productive?  That’s true!  So before your next test – eat some fruit!

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