How to Relieve PMS Naturally

People are starting to go back to nature.  To utilize what has been on this earth since ‘the beginning of time’ like our ancients used to do.  Scientist are ‘discovering’ that plants used by Native Americans and ancient cultures all over the earth really are beneficial.  If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be deriving medicines from them!

I am the type of person who would rather try out something natural before consenting to using a drug.  Sure there are things we still need medical doctors/treatment for, but there are many natural remedies that we can also use for normal every day ailments (i.e. colds, cramps, muscle aches, sinus pressure, improve our mood)

Essential oils are wondrous smelling natural scents that many believe work on specific parts of the brain.  More specifically, the relaxation areas.  Let’s look at PMS for a minute.  When you breath in the scent, it penetrates your bloodstream and then enters the relaxation areas of the brain.   The inhalation of the natural chemicals in essential oils react with the chemicals of the brain in a positive manner.

Essential oils target your emotional/mental levels.  They have calming tendencies which promote relaxation in your body.  When your body is relaxed, it is then able to work carefree on restoring itself!

Menstrual cramps respond to essential oils especially when used in a warm bath with Epsom and/or Sea Salt.

Essential Oils useful for cramps are:

Carrot Seed
Clary Sage

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