Irie Defined

Irie ( /ˈīrē/ )

Embrace & celebrate all things good in the world!


Irie is a very old term originating from the inundated, stress-free life of the ‘islanders’ in Jamaica. It’s an expression of love, harmony, and peace with oneself and the world. IRIE is way of life: Everything is Good. Everything is All Right. It’s a fostering of good will, peace, and respect for all life. One Love.The concept of Irie is for everyone. Irie is loving yourself as you are, and others as they are. It’s a celebration of your life as it is right now no matter your circumstance – your life is good.

Irie is a state of harmony and peace with oneself and the world. Having respect and love for your true self. Being happy with your state of being, having no worries. Respect for yourself and your brothers and sisters in this world. One love.

Irie is not a crazy new age form of thinking, on the contrary, the history of Irie goes back hundreds of years to the Caribbean – mainly Jamaica and it is one of the ultimate spiritual words. Irie compares strongly to Namaste. It has no religious boundaries. We are told all the time to “see the good”. The problem is, we’re bombarded every day with the negative. The sad stories, the news that makes you angry, the things that make you sick. We might find a snippet of good here and there, but the negative is pounded into us. Well I for one, am sick of it. I want to be in a community of good which is why I created communities such as Being Better Humans  and ZenSational Living.

IRIE stands for I Respect I Eternally. When seeing “I” it does not mean “me” but rather it simultaneously means you and I – AND God, or Source, or the Great Spirit – as one, not separate. I mean the highest and the most ultimate positive – all encompassing most powerful and pleasing. With this meaning in mind, it can also be a standard greeting “Hello”, “Wishing you positive vibes”, “Be well/I am well”, “I love you”, “How are you?”, “Good morning”, “Take it easy”, “See you soon”.


Life is sacred, Love is sacred, Compassion is sacred. Goodness is sacred. Peace. Love. Irie.

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