Kicking the Hornets Nest: 4 Tips on Dealing With Inner Turmoil


Time To Kick the Hornets Nest

There comes a time in our lives when we have to stop being miserable. Whether it’s a constant theme in your life or just one struggle that you’re dealing with, whatever the severity of your dilemma, whatever the the frequency of your fears – it’s time to face it. Head on with gusto and courage.

It’s time.

It’s time to kick the hornets nest.

Emotions are stirring inside of you and are just dying to be released. Let them out! Deal with the self imposed suffering, and let me tell you – all suffering is self imposed. All suffering is self imposed because life is very simple – it is how you face a situation, it is how you react to circumstance, it is in how you deal with fear, hurt, pain, sorrow, and anger – that causes suffering.  It is the recording in your head that you play over and over and over again that takes root and cultivates the hold your suffering has over you.

How to kick the hornets nest:

1. Perspective.
I love you.  People throw this phrase out there far to often.  Most people don’t even place a significance on the words – they just toss them out there. Use the words selectively and you’ll learn to respect love.  Learn to see people for who they are, for who they’ve told you they are based on how they treat you. People who love and respect you simply do not hurt you. They just don’t.  It doesn’t mean that they never have or never will love you, but when you are being hurt by someone they are not good for you at that point in time.  When people treat each other that way, something isn’t right, and when something isn’t right that means you cannot build upon it. Because if you try and build something on a weak foundation, sure as shit – your house will crumble eventually. So deal with this when it’s happening, because let me tell you from experience – when it festers, when you know you are being played or when you know you are being lied to or disrespected and you DO NOT deal with it… the avalanche of stored up emotions is going to topple you. When the avalanche finally breaks free and comes down, everyone in it’s path is in danger of the biting words and emotions that thunder forth.

2. Express Yourself!
When you hold your emotions inside, you are just letting those pesky hornets sting your insides over and over again. You will never heal if you are constantly letting yourself get stung. In order to heal yourself, you must tell your story. It might be in the written word, song, painting, or whatever your creative outlet is. It might not even be anything you share with anyone else, but the process of getting it out of there, kicking that hornets nest, is essential in facing your challenges and working past them.

3. Pay attention to your path.
You’re going to see signs along the way. Most of the time we ignore the signs and we think we’re lost. There’s no such thing as getting lost on your path. Sure some things are easier, but in the end no matter HOW you get there, the point is you are going to get there. You are going to end up where you are meant to be – but the way you get there is completely up to you and the trails you decide to blaze. Or, not blaze. The day to day crap, the speedbumps are just the breadcrumbs in life. Follow the trail and I think you will find, as you look back, that all of those trials and tribulations, all of the encounters and relationships, all of the things that made you laugh and made you cry – were in your path to teach you something about your journey.

4. Dealing.
Afford yourself some distance between you and your problem. Enough distance to be able to step back and figure out how you arrived here, and establish a plan of action to get out of it.
Understand that when you value yourself and place significance on your own emotional health you have what you need to move forward.   If you are sitting there wallowing in your own anger or saddness, I guarantee you one of the things you are doing often is reliving moments.  You are replaying a conversation, you are reanacting a scenario over again in your head, you are rewinding something that hurt you or pissed you off so often that it has stopped you from finding any joy in life.

Find your bliss and follow it. Do what makes you happy! When you step out of the emotional drama and trauma and do something that makes you feel good, you are opening an avenue for more happiness to come in, rather than remaining stuck in the perpetual swarm of pain.

Today, I AM kicking the hornets nest!  Who’s with me?

Let it out! Confront the crap that’s weighing you down! FREE YOURSELF! If you’d like to share, I’d love to hear! Tell me below or via #kickingthehornetsnest

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