Little Marie’s Beach Bar in Little Bay

Meet Little Marie, our bartender on the beach. Warm Pepsi and rum, a staple!

1 beach barI thought it was sorta funny that you could be driving along the road and find a rum shack literally everywhere. This one happened to be in a little Rasta fishing village (Little Bay) where we met a few locals, walked the beach, and passed out little boxes of candy to the wee ones.

Jamaica3 (10)Attached to the bar was another open shack where someone was sitting on a rickety bench giving a local man a hair cut.  A young boy was riding his bike on the beach as the men were getting their fishing gear and boats set up for the day.  And seriously, it’s not that often you see a cow on the beach.

Here’s a view of the bar from the beach…Jamaica3 (8) - Copy

So when in Jamaica, don’t be nervous about stopping off the beaten path at these little sea-side places.  Good company and great spirits – both literal and metaphorically.

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