Look on the Bright Side

Optimistic people seem to be in the driver’s seat of their life while pessimistic people tend to be riding shotgun.  When we’re optimistic we feel in control, healthier, exhilarated, satisfied and successful.  We perform better in our job, on tests, as parents etc.

When something good or positive happens in your life, savor it!  Think about it, ponder it.  Absorb the feeling of that positive.  Think about what led up to that positive experience.  What good can come from that event in the future?  Dwell on the positive, the sequence of events and enjoy them.

If something negative happens think about why it might have happened and remember that a negative experience is just but a moment in time, it is not a reflection of the type of person you are nor personal weakness.  Tomorrow is another day!  In fact, try to find anything in that negative that can be viewed as positive.  For instance, obviously it’s something you don’t want to repeat…so the positive just may be as simple as it was ‘a learning experience’.

Make the most of your success and make the least of your failures.

When you start the day dreading it…you have put yourself in a position to fight an uphill battle from moment one in the morning.  When you start your day on a positive note (“It’s a beautiful morning!  I wonder what wonderful things are in store for me today!”),  you are opening up yourself to experience a wonderful day and handle whatever comes along with a positive attitude.

Be persistent with your optimism!  Stand strong and push through things.  You can not wake up optimistic and when life drops a mess on you in the afternoon… and say “I tried it… it doesn’t work, I’m doomed.”

You must assert yourself, display confidence and treat frustration as a minor inconvenience.

Little things you can do throughout the day to remain optimistic:

Smile.  Yes, it’s very simple, but when you smile it tells your whole body to lighten up.

Find a piece of good in every situation and hold the thought.

Don’t dwell on the past and don’t dwell on the negative.  What is done, is done!   I’ve talked many times here about negative energy attracting negative energy…and positive attracting positive.   So let the negative go!

Do things that make you feel good!   When you look good, you feel good.   Do your hair, get dressed and look in the mirror and smile.  Keep a journal!  Volunteer somewhere or donate something that you are no longer using.   Spend time with a neighbor who needs someone to talk to or pass out a hug or 10.

*I don’t think it’s possible to be optimistic 100% of the time, so don’t beat yourself up when you have a pessimistic moment or day!  It’s natural and very human.

Written by Sheila Burke.  Reprinted with permission from ZenSationalLiving.com
Sheila is the author of ZenSational Living, Booyah! Spirit, Chorus of Souls and several other inspirational books.

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