Meditation and the Body

Meditation DOES work and there’s medical evidence to support this.  Brain scans have been done while subjects are meditating which indicate the centers of the brain that control metabolism and heart rate have increased activity.   There have also been studies on Buddhist monks indicating long lasting positive changes in the brain centers that control learning, attention, memory and perception!

Medical practitioners are also finding that meditation improves PMS symptoms, hot flashes and infertility issues when practiced on a regular basis.  Think about it.  When you de-stress, you are ridding yourself of a lot of depression and anxiety that your body would otherwise have to use important energy to deal with.  If your meditating, your body doesn’t have as much anxiety therefore the energy can be used elsewhere in your system.

Findings are also indicating that meditation actually boosts the immune system and enables better heart health.  Lowers blood pressure and heart rate and helps one feel better overall in mind and body health.

Of course if you are having health issues you should always check with a doctor to make sure that is not something serious.   Especially if you are experiencing sweating, dizziness, nausea/vomiting, shortness of breath or pain radiating into your shoulders or arm.


(Note:  Although it is not necessary,  I always recommend a beginners type CD to get started.  You can find them online or in your local library.)

COMFORT:  Get comfortable!  Sit up straight in a chair or on the floor.  Straighten your spine.   If you prefer, you can sit crossed-legged.

SURROUNDINGS:  You need to make sure you are in a quiet place.  Whether it’s at the office, your home, a bedroom, your backyard, a public park, a church or wherever you choose it must be quiet and without interruption.

FOCAL POINT:  Chose a focal point on which to focus your sight and thinking.  Or close your eyes and image an object in your mind to concentrate on.  You can use a mantra by picking a word or phrase to repeat over and over throughout your meditation (in your head).

DISTRACTIONS:  You ARE going to have distracting thoughts.  You’ll think about all sorts of things, or even if you are doing this right.  Don’t let this bother you, it’s normal at first (and for a while until you are comfortable with this).  Just remember to make yourself re-focus.  As many times as you have to.  And that may be many!

*The above is accomplished a bit easier with a meditation CD.  Listening to someone tell you calmly what to do and remind you of what you are doing is very helpful

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