Praise More. Complain Less.

irie newday7Sometimes I just really get sick of people complaining.    What’s worse is that complaining seems to invite others to complain too!  Have you noticed that?  I mean really, most of the things people complain about are so trival!  It’s too hot, too cold, it’s raining, that guy cut me off in traffic, my hair looks awful today, blah blah blah.  One person will say, “Man, I cannot stand this heat anymore I’m so sick of it.”  And then someone around that person will agree and add another complaint about the heat.  Pretty soon everyone is whining.  You can almost feel a thickness in the air – like a fog of negative.

I try and make it a rule not to complain as much as possible.    When you do not give credence to the thought that you are going to complain about – when you let it go and think about something good (or positive) – the thought will no longer weigh upon your mind.  Therefore, no need to complain.

When you feel in a complaining sort of mood, try replacing the thought, the complaint, with an appreciative thought…. like I’m thankful for the warmth on my face (instead of it’s too hot);   I’m grateful for the rain so I don’t have to water;  I’m thankful for a cool day today, etc.

Find a little happiness in your day, find joy in the ordinary – I guarantee you’ll feel better and you’ll complain less.  And when someone else is complaining too much?   Point out a little joy or something good and watch them reverse their attitude..

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