Reviews – Enriched Heart

“For anyone intent on creating a happier, healthier, more harmonious way of living, Enriched Heart should be on your reading list. Incorporating the ancient teachings of Tao blended with the author’s own down-to-earth, sometimes humorous, tone and countless pearls of wisdom, mind, body, and spirit are well-presented and accounted for in this rich, accessible guide to navigating life from the heart and soul.”
– Patricia Saxton, author and illustrator of A Book of Dragons, A Book of Fairies, A Book of Mermaids, and founder of 52 Weeks of Peace

“I know these words are true because I have experienced them myself. Get this book, read it carefully and make what resonates with you – your truth. By learning from Sheila’s book you will save a lot of time and avoid some tough experiences. It will move you quicker to a life with underlying peace and more moments of joy.”
– Graham Dietrich, Spiritual Awakening Guide and founder of Spiritual Humor

“Enriched Heart gives the reader a very well written in-depth look at our physical and spiritual selves. Sheila Burke explains how our spiritual view can greatly change the way we look at life, giving us a more positive outlook towards even our biggest of fears. You will learn how everything and everyone are connected to the cosmic energy of the universe, how to connect to that cosmic energy bettering your own purpose in life, and how to let go of everything that has been imprinted on you since birth. There is a balance to everything both good and bad but you can learn to deal with whatever life throws at you once you then understand that everything has a greater purpose. This book will teach you all that and more. If you want to learn more about who you really are both physically and spiritually I would highly recommend this book.”
– Harry Bridgeman, author of The Happiness Contagion

“Enriched Heart is designed to finally disentangle your ego from your soul. Using the tools of ancient Tao, best-selling author Sheila Burke shows you techniques that bridge that gap, a gap many of us have been seeking our entire lives. I highly recommend.”
-Dr. Shawne Duperon, Project Forgive Founder, 6-Time EMMY winner

“FANTASTIC! A well-written blend of the practical and metaphysical. Very well done, I highly recommend.”
-Kate Spencer, best-selling author of “Twelve Lessons”

“Enriched Heart is an enlightening read that teaches balance in life isn’t about making everything equal, it’s about sharing equal parts of your heart for each area of your life.”
– Robert Clancy, Inspirational Speaker, Spiritual Teacher, and author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Soul

“This book took me on a journey that was insightful and reassuring. And I must confess, I have fallen in love, consciously this time, with my Badass Soul.  The premises that author Sheila Burke explores with genuine compassion and understanding, are at the centre of what many may currently be experiencing as a spiritual crisis, as more and more of us awaken and are left feeling confused. Reading this book left me feeling relaxed, and with a sense of accomplishment, because I know my Badass Soul has my back covered. What a relief! By taking this candid and loving look at what really is important and clearly laying out the Tao philosophy, this book offers a much needed and superbly written balm for the soul.”
– Trilby Johnson, author of A-Ha Moments