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What are GOOD VIBES?  
Good Vibes are short snippets designed to uplift, inspire and motivate.  Sometimes along with your GOOD VIBES you’ll receive printable tools to use at home or work.  They are sent to your inbox once weekly.

What is Happiness Hunting?
Happiness Hunting is a way of looking at life to find and savor those little bits of happy wherever and whenever you discover them.


This weeks GOOD VIBE:

Happiness is a result of how the brain processes your life and the world around you. Happiness doesn’t come encoded in your genes, it comes about from a choice you make in how you perceive life as it is right now no matter what the circumstance.

This week make a conscious effort to enjoy the simple things in life. Your world is what you make it, no matter what station in life you are in. Take a walk, enjoy nature, walk the dog, and savor the coffee. Find extraordinary in the things you normally do with a pre-occupied mind, but this time turn your full attention to what you are doing. Listen, smell, taste, see, and touch!

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Happy Hunting!


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