When in Negril, Spring for the Taxi!

When we prepared for our first trip to Negril, Jamaica in later winter 2014, oh boy some of the things I read made me a bit nervous. I was mainly concerned with safety because there was a lot of talk online about Negril not being safe at night.

Jamaica4 (94)

Well, I can tell you this was not my experience at all. Negril is really ubber safe! All the establishments look out for everyone, and the natives are cool too. The worst thing about anywhere in Jamaica is the traffic! Cars, taxis, motorbikes, and bikes are literally flying like a hundred miles an hour at all hours of the day and night. Weaving in and out – everyone needs to be ahead of the next person. Going 90mph? Not good enough…. zoom! Right past you!

With no street lights, no sidewalks, lots of potholes, and hairpin curves in the road – walking at night is NOT what you want to be doing unless you are ready to dive off the road. Don’t even be walking the roads after drinking because I don’t care how well you think you hold your rum or Red Stripe – you cannot move fast enough if you have to!

Taxis are very reasonable when traveling locally in Negril, cough up the $10USD and get the taxi if you are out at night. And if you MUST be on the road at night – TAKE A FLASHLIGHT! It may be the only thing that keeps you from getting run over.