4 Simple Steps to Crafting a Journal

pixabay image A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body.   They go hand in hand.  One wonderful way to keep your mind in tune is to journal.   Many people journal on the computer but many use the old fashioned written form in the way of a physical book.   Writing in a book is wonderful because it’s something that keeps your mind sharp and your work is always within reach.  It builds the bonds between your eyes and your brain.

Of course you can use a plain notebook or buy an expensive journal.  The whole idea is for the journal itself to be visually appealing so that you want to pick it up, touch it and USE it!  There are kits at craft stores which may or may not be pricey.  Or… you could just decorate a notebook yourself!  It’s very easy and inexpensive.  You can use any kind of notebook, but one with a heavier cover will probably work best.  (i.e. one of those composition notebooks)

1. Start with a fresh slate so to speak, by covering the covering of the notebook with thin material.  Contact paper or fabric are two ideas.

2. Decorate with items that reflect who you are or what you love.  Things that bring memories, smiles, warmth or show your hobbies, character or passions.  For instance if you are into sewing, you might use buttons, ribbon, a photo of you sewing or a completed project.  If you are a jogger you might include a hand drawn route that you jog daily, or photos of nature you enjoy while jogging.  A picture of you jogging, or of your sneakers.  You get the idea.

3.  Print pictures off on the computer and use double stick tape or, lamination sheets to protect the journal cover if you’d like.

4.  The most important thing is to write in it frequently.  Even if it’s just a line or two.  Record your thoughts, feelings, disappointments and joys.   Record your dreams and thankfulness, your doodles and photos.

If you are really ambitious, make journals for those you love as gifts!

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