Branding & Sales Solutions FB Admins

Aside from ‘googling’, people go to Facebook to learn more about your company. Your brand’s image, mission and great product information all on one page. You have a great product and when you envisioned selling on Facebook, you thought it would be a piece of cake … along with MILLIONS of other small business owners like you. What happened is – you are hearing crickets because although your virtual door is open – not a soul is walking in.

Having a poorly composed and run Facebook page will actually hurt you and your brand. If you are not maintaining a great image with your page, you are better off not having one. But if you are impressed when you visit successful pages and *instantly* see the value in their product and wish you had the same type of page, then you need to take this opportunity and get Admin Rx and/or the Image Creation Package!

Admin Rx

The solution for business owners creating their image strategically, branding their product and getting sales though the free platform of Facebook.

Image Creation Packages

Learn why images are so important to selling your product.   Not only images of the items you sell, but great quality posters like you see all over Facebook!


Key Benefits of a strong strategically built page:
1. Create Your Image of Your Brand as You want people to see it.
2. Build a relationship with individuals.
3. Get the business keynotes across. Do you give to charity? Support organizations? Do events?
4. Build your email list, twitter, instagram, and other social medias
5. A strong page conveys the idea when someone visits you of security in considering a purchase; integrity in your brand; quality in your products; That a REAL PERSON is behind the business!
6. Great for press coverage! You will be busy enough when you have a super kick butt page but when you contact blog and press people, when they see your rockin page, THEY see it as a benefit to them, because they know you will promote their feature article of your brand!
7. Sales! Sales! Sales! It will be to the point of – you post a photo – instant sales!
8. Clear inventory with giveaways, flash sales. This is even more effective than email marketing.
9. The bigger you get, the strong you are, the faster you grow, the more eyes on your product!