Laughter! It’s GOOD For You!

“The best things in life are silly.”
~ Scott Adams, Dilbert

“I’ve never had so much fun as I’m going to have tomorrow!”
~ Dennis the Menace

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will
tilt your head back and laugh at the sky”

~ Buddha

From comic strips to great thinkers we find the common thread of laughter as an integral ingredient to happiness. Nothing in life is insurmountable. Oftentimes we just need to take a step back and reflect on a situation. Meditate and clear the mind in order to free up some space for rational thought. Being able to “find the funny” in a situation will allow you to relax and see the issue from a different, less tense perspective.

Laughter uplifts the mood, the spirit and is an excellent stress reducer! It’s a proven fact that laughter is good for your heart because it reduces stress hormones! Laughter takes the attention off negative emotions and leaves you in a better, more positive mood. Laughter helps the body produce anti-bodies to fight infection and releases healthy endorphins into the body.

Look at how children take in the world…life is light-hearted and filled with laughter. Such a simple, happy existence! Recover your inner child and learn to laugh again.

Laugh several times a day! Force yourself to laugh if you must! Have a laugh fest! Set a timer for 2 minutes and laugh. Laugh with your kids or a friend. The important thing is to laugh every day and often in that day.

Written by Sheila Burke.  Reprinted with permission from
Sheila is the author of ZenSational Living, Booyah! Spirit, Chorus of Souls and several other inspirational books.

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