Meet the Egg Lady

So, in Jamaica there’s not a little convenience store on every corner. They do have grocery stores, but it’s usually quite a long drive. Anyhow, we were staying at the home of our friend and ran out of eggs. In this case you either have your own chickens, or you see your local egg raiser. The egg lady lived a couple houses away so we stopped there on the way home that evening.

1 egg lady jamaica

Jamaica5 (97)We drove very slowly up the narrow road because the potholes were so deep and large they could swallow up the little car the five of us were packed into. We pulled up along side her yard and gave a quick beep. Out through the gated door and past the huge tropical plants emerged a colorfully dressed lady, smiling, and carrying about 3 dozen fresh brown eggs to our car. We handed over 1100 Jamaican dollars (which is about $11 USD).  After pleasantries were exchanged we continued very slowly down the narrow gravel road back home, taking careful precaution NOT to rattle the mornings breakfast!

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