There is No Such Thing as Flaws! Celebrate Yourself!

Life is about being the best version of yourself.  This statement has nothing to do with being perfect.  In fact there is no such thing as a perfect person or perfect life.  There is no such thing as flaws!  I mean what is a flaw anyhow?  The word itself means that something is less than something else; weaker; imperfect.  How silly.  I mean, we are each made up of so many facets, and we wouldn’t be who we are at this moment in time, without each of them.  It would be a pretty boring world if we were all identical.

So what does the best version of yourself mean?  Well it has nothing to do with anyone’s version of beauty or wealth.  It is about you on the inside and what you feel about yourself and what you project out to the universe with your energy.  It means that today you are who you are and that’s different from yesterday, or last week, or any time in the past.  It means that just because you did something mean or stupid yesterday doesn’t mean that you cannot make a change today.

So, how to be the best version of you?

1.)  Understand that neither you nor anyone else is perfect.  Therefore, don’t judge yourself or others.  You don’t like it when you are judged, so others don’t like it when they are judged.

2.)  Understand that you don’t have to fix anyone and no one except you can fix you!   Be a good listener – to yourself and others. Sometimes people go on and on about their problems hoping someone is going to offer up some magical fix.  Truth is, if you refrain from giving your opinion to others and just listen – usually they find their own answers.  Same thing for you:  if you have someone you can talk to who is willing to just listen, just by talking about it you will usually find your own answers.

3.)  Be yourself!  Be honest.  Say what you mean and mean what you say.  If you mean no, say no!  If you mean yes, say yes! Don’t put yourself into people-pleasing situations.  If you feel uncomfortable doing something, be confident in not doing it!  Don’t remain in situations that cause you stress.  Get up and walk away.  You might feel anxious or apprehensive for like a minute, but you’ll be glad you left.

Laugh often!  Cry often!  Don’t hold back on your feelings.  Let your spirit express itself authentically through releasing emotions.  Don’t apologize for how you feel.  Trust yourself and love yourself enough to be real.

4.)  Achieve your goals in a healthy manner and realistic manner.  Never set your goals too high; set smaller goals that are achievable and work to get there. Goals take a while to achieve.  So if there’s something you feel like changing in your life, be realistic and know it will take some time.  And know that it won’t happen unless you work at making it happen.  HAVE FUN along the way.  Celebrate your successes and don’t be hard on yourself if you are taking longer than you thought.

5.)  Hang out with people who give off positive vibes.  Life is too short to be around people who suck the life out of you.  When you are around negative people, you walk away feeling drained and icky.  When people are complaining it makes you complain too.  It’s like a bitch-fest.  Pretty soon you start dwelling on things that do nothing to promote anyone’s happiness or joy.  You end up feeling like you’re in a room full of zombies mindlessly droning on and on about all things crappy.  Seek out people who are positive instead.  Talk about the good stuff, the positive stuff, the things that make you smile and feel good.  If you’re with someone who is negative, try to turn the tables and ask them to tell you something positive!  Try and break the cycle!

6.)  Practice kindness and compassion.  Do it on a regular basis.  Be a giver of whatever you can afford to give, including time.  You’ll find that compassion not only makes others feel great in their time of need, but it also wakes something within you that can only be described as divine, because the feeling goes so deep within that it is also outside of you.  It encompasses you.

7.)  Spend time with YOU.  My gosh, if there’s one thing that is crucial to life is taking time for yourself.  I don’t care how busy you are, I don’t care if you have to schedule time – just make time to do something by yourself.  Do something you love to do, be creative, take a walk, meditate, write – all these things nourish your spirit and are essential for clarity in life.  Not to mention sanity!


8.)  Appreciate what you actually have rather than dwelling on what you do not have.  Whether it is something tangible like property, or something personal like weight or appearance – as a society we need to learn to find happiness in the life we have.

For God’s sake, embrace who you are!  

Fat rolls, double chin, pimples, crappy car, messy kitchen – whatever you think is some sort of flaw – EMBRACE IT!  Own it!  Say, “It’s mine!”  “If anyone else doesn’t like it, who gives a damn?  Not me!”

If you feel like dancing, dance!  Dance everywhere, at any time.  Break out in song (who cares if can’t carry a tune!)  If you want to wear a bikini, for heaven’s sake… wear the bikini!  Express your inner you and get used to the idea of doing it.  Society has placed too many labels of ideal on us and we need to get rid of those once and for all.  There are no criteria for what happiness should look like – it’s individual!

Trust me, once you embrace yourself and your situation, your whole mindset changes.  You are no longer looking backward or forward for something.  You are not striving to be someone else or someone you’re not. You are saying, “I love myself – as I am – right now.”

 It doesn’t mean that you have to become stagnant or complacent and can never make a change.  Embracing yourself breeds confidence and strength.  It gives you courage!

When you are confident, strong, courageous, happy, and joyful – that energy shoots out of you like invisible rays of sunshine and touches everyone around you.  And not only that, it rejuvenates YOU and helps to get yourself in balance.  It also helps you gain a healthy perspective on what the next best version is of you, and how to get there with a great attitude.

Life is about being the best version of you.  Period.  End of story.